dr. András Tímár


By his father, dr. András Tímár had felt committed to the legal profession in his childhood, much longer before going to the university. As a result, he has put a significantly great emphasis on internship during his studies. Being the son of a well-known lawyer makes him proud, as well as the fact that the quality of his work is often compared to his father’s.

By his colleagues and clients, he is said to be a heavy-duty, persistent and energetic person, not being afraid of challenges.

The bumpy road to success always inspires him. Dr. Tímár prefers cases in which his personality evolves. He believes that ’creativity’ and legislative framework are compatible with each other in the legal practice. According to dr. Tímár, a key moment is when the client stands up for his/her truth, thereby moving the case forward. He believes that success depends on the client, too.