Practice areas

Commercial and tax law: consultancy and complete representation in tax administration proceedings, tax consulting (in case of busines organizations, individuals and civilian bodies, i.e. NGOs), debtor and creditor representation in bankruptcy and liquidation procedures, claim validation.

Corporate law: complete legal representation in company procedures (company formation, modification of company documents, transformation, liquidation, share transfer agreements, limited partnership, unlimited partnership, ltd., closed company limited by shares, co-operative, company formation abroad).

Property law: complete service concerning property and real estate issues (sales and lease contracts, mortgage transactions, foundation of condominiums). Our office uses TAKARNET online property records system which provides up-to-date information (title deed, maps, property observer online service).

Civil law: editing contracts and documents, appearing for client in legal and extrajudicial proceedings.

Legal representation in Strasbourg: legal representation before the European Court of Human Rights in compensation procedures, with the experience of a number of successful cases.

NGOs: formation and modification of foundations, associations, non-profit Ltds, public benefit organizations, consultancy in prosecutor’s legal supervisory procedure, representation.

Criminal law: representation of defendants in procedures before the investigating authorities and the court, consultancy, representation of victims, representation in private and substitute private prosecution cases, protection of the rights of the condemned people during prison time.

Validation of compensation: Our office provides legal representation in accident compensation validations against insurance companies for victims of traffic accidents or accidents of any kind. Whether it is a property or non-property damage, loss of profit or benefits, the different compensation claims can be validated in one sum or in the form of accident annuity, in or out-of-court.